Staff Spotlight: Ben Genco, EIT May 19

Staff Spotlight: Ben Genco, EIT

When Ben Genco was a kid, he always wanted to build things, and he loved watching construction trucks, so once he got long division down, he was basically off to the races. Ben graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Structural... Read more
NFTA Metro Light Rail Line Extension May 12

NFTA Metro Light Rail Line Extension

The purpose of this project was to extend the NFTA-Metro light rail line by 6.5 miles. The previous rail line, which was completed in 1986, ran approximately 6.4 miles along Main Street in Buffalo, from the KeyBank Center to the south campus of the University of... Read more
Congratulations, Melissa White! May 5

Congratulations, Melissa White!

Encorus is pleased to announce that Melissa White has been promoted to Designer, as she has been increasing her role and knowledge in the drafting group, and has become the go-to-person for the specialized drafting software. Congratulations, Melissa! Read more
Congratulations, Doug Acquard! May 5

Congratulations, Doug Acquard!

Encorus is excited to announce that Doug Acquard will step up his role in the Drafting Group, taking on the role of Drafting Lead.  In this role, he will be taking over Shannon Vrenna’s previous role, and will be responsible for the supervision and oversight of... Read more