SUNY Binghamton Science II Tower Plumbing Renovation Jun 16

SUNY Binghamton Science II Tower Plumbing Renovation

The scope of this project included the continuation of plumbing systems design from the third floor and above for the gut renovation of the 10 story Science II Tower at SUNY Binghamton. Due to the height of the building, domestic water systems from the 3rd floor and... Read more
NFTA Metro Light Rail Line Extension May 12

NFTA Metro Light Rail Line Extension

The purpose of this project was to extend the NFTA-Metro light rail line by 6.5 miles. The previous rail line, which was completed in 1986, ran approximately 6.4 miles along Main Street in Buffalo, from the KeyBank Center to the south campus of the University of... Read more
Fitness for Service Evaluations May 5

Fitness for Service Evaluations

Encorus’s Mechanical Integrity Group offers Fitness for Service evaluations to clients that have in-service equipment that needs to be examined.  A Fitness for Service, or FFS, evaluation is a standard evaluation used by the oil, gas, and chemical processing... Read more
Sustainability in Manufacturing Apr 21

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Written by Senior Electrical and Controls Engineer Geoff Chadwick. Sustainability is a broad term, but when it comes to manufacturing it can get even more complicated.  New technology may be able to reduce energy consumption or eliminate waste, but facility personnel... Read more
Fire Suppression Systems Apr 14

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems When someone hears the term “fire suppression system”, they might automatically think of a sprinkler system that sprays water from the ceiling when it detects fire. In reality, there are several different types of fire suppression systems that... Read more