Encorus Travels to Leeds Aug 9

Encorus Travels to Leeds

Encorus is in Leeds! Massachusetts, that is. Employees traveled to the Northampton VA Medical Center in Leeds, MA to assess the condition of masonry, exterior walls, and roofs. The objective of this project is to design for the correction of deficiencies in order to... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Engineering Month Feb 8

Fun Fact Friday: Engineering Month

As we move on to a new month, it happens to be an engineer’s favorite time of the year. February is Engineering Month! This month, we take the opportunity to appreciate the engineering discipline and the dedication that every engineer puts into their work. For this... Read more
Rack System Installation at HP Hood Oct 17

Rack System Installation at HP Hood

The rack system was recently installed for the new ASRS building at HP Hood’s facility in Batavia, NY.  Encorus employee Aaron Witherell was on site inspecting the racks for cleanliness prior to their installation.... Read more