Corvette Cleaners Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Amherst, NY

Project Objective

Two previous investigations had been completed at the subject property by the property owner for the purpose of assessing the impact of historic dry-cleaning operations on the eastern portion of the subject property.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus Group completed a limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment of the above-referenced subject property. The eastern portion includes a single building compromised of a restaurant and a dry cleaner. Encorus mobilized a truck-mounted drill rig to the subject property for the purpose of further investigating the subsurface conditions on-site. The investigation was limited to advancing three soil borings on-site to depths of 12 feet below ground surface (BGS) or until first groundwater was encountered. Temporary PVC wells were installed at each boring location on completion of soil sampling activities for the purpose of obtaining groundwater samples for laboratory analyses. Recovered soil samples were scanned with a photoionization detector (PID) for the presence of total ionizable volatile compounds that may have indicated potential subsurface impact. All samples were examined and logged by Encorus’s Senior Geologist. Based on the analytical results, there is no source for the elevated PID readings recorded in the recovered soil samples. However, as with this boring, as well as the other two borings, such may ultimately be attributable to soil moisture conditions encountered during this investigation. No VOCs were reported for the three groundwater well samples. This seems to indicate that any residual subsurface impact associated with the historic dry cleaning operations and equipment on-site appears to be localized to that portion of the subject building and property and may not have migrated further. Based solely on the results of the limited subsurface investigation and the analytical testing, it is Encorus’s opinion that further investigation is not warranted.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Mobilization of truck-mounted drill rig
  • Installation of temporary PVC wells
  • PID scanning