DJ2 Tank Removal Nov 26

DJ2 Tank Removal

Portfolio DJ2 Tank RemovalSpringville, NYProject ObjectiveEncorus was contracted to provide complete environmental support services for the removal of a legacy gasoline tank discovered on the property. The 300 gallon single wall steel tank was discovered as part of a... Read more
Fran Mec Tank Removal Nov 19

Fran Mec Tank Removal

Portfolio Fran Mec Tank Removal Springville, NY Project Objective Encorus was contracted to provide support for the removal of three tanks discovered at 70 Franklin Street in the village of Springville, NY. Unique Project Features The property had previously been used... Read more
Nike Base BU-34/35 Silo Inspections Nov 11

Nike Base BU-34/35 Silo Inspections

Portfolio Nike Base BU-34/35 Silo Inspections Aurora, NY Project Objective The purpose of the project was to perform a structural investigation of five silos in order to render an engineering opinion regarding their condition relative to cleanup and demolition... Read more