Staff Spotlight: Geoff Chadwick Feb 24

Staff Spotlight: Geoff Chadwick

As far back as Geoff Chadwick can remember, he was always taking things apart and putting them back together. When things broke and he was told they couldn’t afford a replacement, he was always trying to see if he could understand how to fix it – if it was already... Read more
Welcome Sindy Tang! Aug 15

Welcome Sindy Tang!

Please join us in welcoming Sindy Tang to Encorus’s Design Group! Sindy recently graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University at Buffalo, and will be joining Encorus Group as an Electrical Engineer. Welcome,... Read more
Welcome Radomir Pupovac Jul 1

Welcome Radomir Pupovac

Join us in welcoming Radomir Pupovac to Encorus Group! Radomir is a recent graduate of State University of New York College at Buffalo where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a Bachelor’s in Math. He will be joining the... Read more