Welcome to Encorus, Rick! May 22

Welcome to Encorus, Rick!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Rick Lange to the Design Team as an Associate Electrical Engineer. Rick has 10+ years of experience in the electrical field and has an associate degree in electrical technology from ITT Technical.  He is currently a part-time... Read more
What is Process Engineering? May 10

What is Process Engineering?

Process engineering is the understanding and application of the basic principles and laws of nature that allow humans to convert raw materials and energy into products that are useful to society. By taking advantage of natural forces such as pressure, temperature,... Read more
Encorus Group’s Controls Department May 3

Encorus Group’s Controls Department

This spring, Encorus Group’s electrical department was separated into two distinct, yet intertwined, groups: electrical and controls. As a growing company, we are always examining the best ways to serve our clients.  The creation of a dedicated controls department... Read more
PE vs EIT:  What’s the Difference? Jan 25

PE vs EIT: What’s the Difference?

This week, we spun the Wheel of Certifications and landed on “Professional Engineer”!  Join us to take a look at the differences between a professional engineer and an engineer-in-training.  Stay tuned as we keep spinning the wheel over the upcoming... Read more