Electrical Arc Flash Analysis May 11

Electrical Arc Flash Analysis

One of the services provided by Encorus Group is electrical arc flash analysis, which is a safety precaution used to prevent explosions in industrial settings which utilize high electrical voltage. Director of Engineering Design and Lead Electrical Engineer Tom... Read more
Olympic Regional Development Authority Modernization Apr 27

Olympic Regional Development Authority Modernization

Encorus is continuing its design services for the modernization of several structures owned by the Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid, NY. Construction is currently underway at the Olympic center and the work in the 1980, 1932 and oval arenas are... Read more
Roof Replacement Design Services Apr 20

Roof Replacement Design Services

Evaluating a roof and designing its replacement are complicated processes, as each project presents different challenges. Both architectural and structural engineering considerations are necessary in the design. Encorus Senior Architect George Reinhardt and Structural... Read more
Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Eric Gallion, PE Apr 13

Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Eric Gallion, PE

Eric Gallion was always interested in building and tinkering with stuff as a kid. Whether it was machines, cars, or anything mechanical, Eric was drawn to it. Early on in school, he began gravitating towards engineering because of his knowledge in math and science.... Read more