BNIA Glycol Treatment Apr 6

BNIA Glycol Treatment

In a climate like Western New York’s, where winters can be harsh, a system to deice planes is essential to travel and commerce. Encorus Group assisted in a project to expand the capacity for the management of spent deicing fluid (glycol) and glycol-contaminated... Read more
Drafting Services Mar 30

Drafting Services

Drafting, also known as technical drawing, is the creation of accurate representations of objects, systems, or building structures for technical, architectural, or engineering purposes. Someone who is skilled in drafting is called a drafter, draftsman or draftsperson.... Read more
Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Cheyenne Ricley Mar 23

Encorus Group Staff Spotlight: Cheyenne Ricley

Cheyenne Ricley credits both her brother and her father for being the biggest influences in her career choices. Her dad was a mechanic, and Cheyenne loved working in the garage with him taking things apart and putting them back together again. Her brother was in the... Read more
Ford Gum Big League Chew Shredder Design Mar 16

Ford Gum Big League Chew Shredder Design

Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of chewing gum, gumballs, gumball machine banks, assorted confections and health-related products. Their manufacturing facility is right here in Akron, NY and serves distributors,... Read more
Welcome to Encorus, Nick Lavanture! Mar 14

Welcome to Encorus, Nick Lavanture!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Nick Lavanture to our design team, as he begins his role as Associate Mechanical Engineer. Nick is a graduate of the University at Buffalo and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Welcome to the team, Nick! Read more