Fun Fact Friday: The Year In Review

Over the past year, we have explored the four different service groups that make up Encorus Group: Civil Materials Testing, Mechanical Integrity, Non-Destructive Testing, and Engineering Design. As 2020 comes to a close, now is a time to reflect on what defines each... Read more
Dark Factory Nov 20

Dark Factory

Is the “Dark Factory” the Future of Manufacturing? – Part 1 By Tom Gilmartin, PE Recently many employers have had to limit the number of people on their premises. Some may have wondered – what would it be like to have the whole plant automated to the... Read more
Fire Suppression Systems Oct 9

Fire Suppression Systems

When someone hears the term “fire suppression system”, they might automatically think of a sprinkler system that sprays water from the ceiling when it detects fire. In reality, there are several different types of fire suppression systems that can be implemented... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Video Borescope Testing Sep 11

Fun Fact Friday: Video Borescope Testing

This image shows Encorus’s Pete Gentile performing video borescope testing at a food processing facility. Video borescope testing is a form of visual inspection (VT), that is conducted when the inspector is not able to properly assess the material in question due to... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Photo Edition Aug 14

Fun Fact Friday: Photo Edition

Did you know that multiple different NDE testing methods may be needed to detect flaws on a single piece of equipment? Taking the steps to perform these tests ensures that all problematic areas are identified, and that the correct repairs can be made to make the... Read more