Bleacher Design Services Jul 13

Bleacher Design Services

As this summer progresses, there is a good chance you’ve sat down in some type of bleacher or grandstand for a sporting event, concert or some other occasion. If you’ve attended a concert or event at our local Erie County Fairgrounds, you likely sat in the grandstand... Read more
Seismic Design Services Jun 29

Seismic Design Services

During the design phase of a structure, there are certain loading conditions that engineers need to take into consideration. One of those loading conditions is seismic load, which is a dynamic load caused by the acceleration of the earth supporting the structure.... Read more
Welcome to Encorus, Jon Wardner, E.I.T.! Jun 28

Welcome to Encorus, Jon Wardner, E.I.T.!

Encorus Group would like to welcome Jon Wardner, E.I.T. to our design team, as he begins his role as Associate Structural Engineer. Jon is a graduate of the University at Buffalo where he received his Master’s Degree in Civil, Structural and Earthquake... Read more
Roof Replacement Design Services Apr 20

Roof Replacement Design Services

Evaluating a roof and designing its replacement are complicated processes, as each project presents different challenges. Both architectural and structural engineering considerations are necessary in the design. Encorus Senior Architect George Reinhardt and Structural... Read more