Goodyear Fire Water Pump Design

Niagara Falls, NY

Project Objective

The client required a design for interconnecting a new (second) 150HP fire pump into the existing fire pump and distribution system at a chemical plant.

Unique Project Features

The project required flushing and phasing plans for installation with minimal downtime.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus provided a design which complied with FM Global and NFPA requirements. The design included piping, system modeling, building architecture, underground infrastructure, backup generator analysis, new electrical service, and integration to existing building management.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Demolition, excavation, and removal of abandoned fire water main
  • Design of a new block building structure with equipment pads for fire and jockey pumps
  • Design of electrical service and controls for new structure
  • Underground and Aboveground Plumbing design
  • Fire Protection design, considering four potential modes of operation
  • Design of diesel fuel tank installation
  • Civil design including trench excavations, construction of an off-loading spill pad with a containment holding tank, and sidewalk design to meet life safety requirements
  • Review of SPCC Plan
  • Construction Cost Estimate