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Regulated Building Materials

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Recognizing Hazards for Your Safety

Identifying and managing hazardous materials is vital to ensuring the safety of all building inhabitants. At Encorus Group, we specialize in inspection and abatement design for large-scale renovation projects.

Encorus Group’s Environmental Consultants are trained in identifying and assessing the conditions of a variety of hazardous materials including asbestos, lead, PCBs, mold, universal and hazardous waste. Our Project Designers then plan the scope, timing, phasing and remediation methods to be utilized on abatement projects. Once inspection and design are complete, our certified project monitors oversee remediation efforts and provide air sampling throughout abatement. Our consultants also perform various indoor air quality services for the commissioning team on LEED projects.

Prior to their merger with Encorus Group to create the Regulated Building Materials Department, Sienna Environmental Technologies served over 400 clients throughout the Northeast. Clientele included architectural and engineering firms, colleges and universities, public and private school districts, manufacturing and commercial facilities, construction management firms, utilities, and both federal and privately managed medical facilities. This experience also spanned across several governmental agencies, including the DOT, DASNY, OGS, SUCF, NYPA, VAMC and USACE. Their team continues to be a reliable partner to these clients and agencies.

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Sean Fitzgerald
Director of Regulated Building Materials

716.592.3980 ext 187

Regulated Building Materials Services

We offer a full range of services while following federal, state, and local regulations. Our staff members hold a variety of certifications and licenses attained from the EPA, OSHA, NYSDOH and NYSDOL and have accumulated decades of experience.

Inspection and Investigations:
  • Asbestos, Lead-based Paint, PCB, Hazardous and Universal Waste Inspections
  • Contamination Assessments
  • IAQ, Microbial and Radon Investigations
  • Soil, Dust, Water and Solid Waste Sampling
Abatement Project Design:
  • Remediation Specification Writing and Drafting
  • Site Specific and Facility-Wide Variances
  • Abatement Cost Estimating and Phasing
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services
Air Quality Testing and Sampling:
  • Air Sampling for Contract Compliance
  • Construction IAQ Management Plans and Assessments
  • IAQ Sampling for LEED and general building issues
Contract Oversight and Project Monitoring:
  • Construction Management and Owner’s Representative
  • Hazardous and RBM Project Monitoring
  • Cost Estimating and Phasing
  • Time Management
  • Quality Review
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