Intelligent Automation

Our Automation Group understands that designing and implementing machines and control systems is about balance – our goal is to design systems that increase plant productivity and safety without overly complicated solutions that require constant maintenance and frustrate operations teams.

Encorus Group’s automation and control system projects include, designing complex control systems for the WIPP site in Carlsbad, NM, Building Management Systems for office and retail facilities, and electrical control systems for the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. Our team has designed control panels for the wastewater industry and skidded systems that are intended to operate unsupervised for extended periods of time. Our team stays informed with the latest ISA standards and recommendations to minimize operator fatigue when it comes to nuisance alarms, reliability metrics and graphics/screen design.

Encorus Group has extensive experience with complicated programming issues such as cascaded PID tuning and parallel systems controls. For a project on a facility ventilation system, our engineers had to design and program a system capable of balancing 6 separate fans (MV over 1000hp, see Electrical Engineering) fans including minimum flow requirements and numerous facility dampers throughout the system. Our engineers have the skills to develop, test and prove out the most challenging process control systems.

Encorus Group’s team supports turnaround/outage efforts with risk & reliability assessments to balance plant capital & maintenance objectives with ever tightening budgets and schedules.

Encorus Group has designed machines used by our clients to assemble products for commercial sale, material handling systems for the metals industry as well as machines and stands designed to improve operator ergonomics. In addition to design, Encorus offers services to ensure the safety of your facility, employees, and clients, including Process Hazard Analysis, HAZOP, PFMEA and SIF/SIL design and review.


Services Contact:

Thomas R. Gilmartin, P.E., PMP, LEED AP
Director of Design Services

716.592.3980 ext 124

About Our Service

Engineering, design and field support:

  • Control System Specifications
    (Hardwired, PLC, HMI) and evaluations

  • PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming (Ladder Logic, Graphics Design, PID loop logic, Object Oriented Programming)

  • Encorus is a certified Allen Bradley System Integrator

  • Outage/Turnaround Support

  • Risk/Reliability Assessments

  • Control Panel design, construction and FAT.

  • Instrumentation Specifications

  • Operator Training

  • Process Safety Review – PHA/HAZOP, PFMEA and SIF/SIL

  • Database design (SQL, Access, etc)

  • Machine and Equipment design

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Instrumentation and Equipment tagging

In addition, should your project require staff augmentation, we can assist in filling those roles. We recognize that our role as a consulting engineering firm is to help our clients achieve their goals, and we approach every project as an opportunity to provide “better solutions to the toughest problems.”

We’re happy to discuss how partnering with Encorus can help your Design project succeed.

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