WIPP Fire Protection System Design

Carlsbad, NM

Project Objective

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) was designed to permanently dispose of transuranic radioactive waste left over from the research and production of nuclear weapons. This project’s intent is to design new fire protection and detection systems for the surface utilities at the site.

Unique Project Features

Due to the secure nature of the facility, the project was subject to NQA-1 quality assurance requirements. The design was required to meet both Federal and Department of Energy nuclear safety management requirements.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus designed ~10,000 feet of new underground fire mains, a new pumping system with a tornado-rated pump house, new fire water tanks, and a new addressable fire alarm system including all detection and actuation devices. The system protects a campus of about 30 buildings.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Site visits to gather data and assess needs
  • Development of conceptual designs, reports, and specifications
  • Selection of location and design of fire pump house & tanks
  • Design of fire water pump house, pumps, and pumping system that meets Federal, DOE, and WIPP site requirements
  • Design diesel fire pumps, including 500 gallon double wall fuel tanks
  • Design fire water distribution system
  • Design new fire alarm system to replace all existing systems
  • Develop construction bid package with cost estimates and schedule