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New York Tank Inspection

The Encorus Mechanical Integrity Group includes full-time engineers and inspectors with decades of experience providing a complete range of mechanical and asset integrity services. These services include field inspections, data evaluation, detailed reporting, fitness for service evaluations and development of repair procedures as necessary with Tank Inspection services as well. Their extensive experience encompasses the inspection and evaluation of fixed equipment in a variety of industries, including energy, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, and food. In addition to providing the integrity management services listed below, our Mechanical Integrity and Engineering Design Groups work hand-in-hand to provide redesign services if required.

Whether you are required by federal regulations or by an insurance carrier to mitigate risk, or by the need to establish a high-quality mechanical integrity asset management program, Encorus Group can deliver.

When Encorus provides an inspection, they check all necessities. Inspections and thickness measurements of the tank walls can be made manually with the inspector in a man lift or hang down from the top. However, a much safer way to make an inspection is to use a crawling robot. These robots have magnetic wheels that allow them to cling to the tank walls and avoids putting an inspector’s life at risk. Using remote controls, an operator guides them into positions and makes the necessary measurements. They work great on the side walls, however, getting to a tank floor is a different story since it is not accessible from the outside. The floor is particularly prone to thinning due to corrosion attack and tank owners must find the weak spots in the floors before they breach the tank’s integrity.

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