Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Nuclear Medicine Camera Floor Evaluation

Springville, NY

Project Objective

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital planned to install new nuclear medicine equipment. Due to the weight of the equipment, it was necessary to evaluate the concrete deck and steel framing below it to ensure that it offered adequate support.

Unique Project Features

Encorus Group’s evaluation determined that the existing concrete floor deck required additional steel framing below it to support the nuclear medicine camera equipment in its final location.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus designed steel columns and beams in the basement level, below the first floor, to align with the nuclear medicine camera equipment’s anchor points. Encorus also determined the capacity of the existing concrete deck and steel framing at the first floor necessary to support the nuclear medicine camera equipment as it was being rigged and moved into its final location. It was determined that the camera equipment was required to move along loose support beams placed on the floor to distribute the load to existing steel beams and avoid point loads on the existing concrete deck.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Evaluation of existing concrete floor deck and steel framing
  • Design of steel columns and beams to support new equipment
  • Oversight during equipment installation