CHBWV Canister Welding System Restoration and Deployment Support

West Valley, NY

Project Objective

The objective of this project was to restore the duplicate High-Level Waste (HLW) Canister Lid Welding System in order to perform one final canister lid weld. The project’s scope included planning, design of auxiliary equipment and support for deployment to weld HLW Canister WV413 in the former Chemical Process Cell (CPC).

The WVDP is a former nuclear fuel reprocessing plant located on a 175 acre site in West Valley, NY, which is managed by prime contractor CHBWV with oversight from the Department of Energy.

Unique Project Features

The DOS PC-based control system had not been used in over 20 years. A detailed knowledge of DOS based computers was required, along with knowledge of current PC differences in order to develop a plan to recover PC hard drives.  This project was subject to NQA-1 requirements.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus removed hard drives for secure storage, removed failed batteries, and consolidated good working parts between two systems in order to make one working system. The original multi-recorder strip chart could not be recovered, so a new one was designed.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Restart main controller PCs
  • Design new strip chart recorder to replace inoperable original
  • Perform informal calibration and testing at original manufacturer’s facility
  • Design support for remote installation