Ford Stamping Plant Water Tower Evaluation

Buffalo, NY

Project Objective

The purpose of the project was to perform a structural investigation and engineering evaluation of the water tower in order to render an engineering opinion regarding its capacity to support painting containment tarps and their associated loading. The scope of the evaluation included performing on-site investigations, laboratory testing, review of available information and subsequent evaluations.

Unique Project Features

The water tower is no longer in use but is recognized as a local landmark. Timing was key because it was the fall season and painting needed to finish up quickly before the temperature dropped below freezing.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus staff performed site visits to obtain field measurements, material samples, and other information. The analysis was focused on wind pressure while the containment tarps are down.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Site Visits to gather information and field measurements
  • Examination of existing drawings
  • Preparation of a report detailing the results of observations and material testing