Arkwright Wind Farm Progress Apr 27

Arkwright Wind Farm Progress

Encorus Group has been working at the Arkwright Wind Farm site in Chautauqua County since July of 2017, providing services including bearing grade approval, concrete field testing, rebar inspection, in-place density testing, and grout testing.   When complete, the... Read more
Fun Fact Friday: Photo Edition Mar 8

Fun Fact Friday: Photo Edition

Fun Fact Friday: Photo Edition Did you know that wind turbines can be 300 to 400 feet tall and weigh up to about 350 tons? Encorus has had hands-on experience with wind turbines, providing Civil Testing services for the Arkwright Wind Farm! Learn more about Encorus’s... Read more
Civil Materials Testing Sep 16

Civil Materials Testing

Technicians and Inspectors Critical infrastructure is the backbone of the modern material world. Civil materials testing is indispensable for ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure and for preventing costly catastrophes. At Encorus Group, we specialize in... Read more