UPS Distribution Center Paving and Fire Suppression Lines

Buffalo, NY

Project Objective

The scope of this project was to provide bid documents for the repaving of a section of the site’s parking lot due to age and pavement failure.

Unique Project Features

The original concrete pavement had begun to heave, crack, and sink under the weight of heavy UPS trucks. This led to drainage and icing problems around the exterior of the building, becoming a safety concern to the client. The storm drain was fully video inspected. Pipe failure was ruled out as a cause of the pavement failure.

Encorus Group Solution

The repaving included replacement of an aged fire water line into the building which supplied water to the sprinkler system. Specific phasing had to be determined to allow for switch over to the new line, as well as avoidance of shipping and receiving interruptions. Paving operations were also phased to allow the concrete section time to cure, as well as heavy-duty asphalt paving to withstand the heavy traffic load without the downtime of concrete. The fire water line was designed to be installed in a separate trench to reduce the need for a firewatch to be posted.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Site walk-through and concept development
  • Develop construction drawings
  • Phasing plan development