Ardagh Group Furnace #1 Exhaust Stack Extension

Port Allegany, NY

Project Objective

The purpose of the project was to perform a structural investigation and engineering evaluation of the furnace #1 exhaust stack in order to render an engineering opinion regarding its capacity to support a 10-foot-long extension to the top of the existing stack and its associated loading. The scope of the evaluation included performing on-site investigations, laboratory testing, review of available information and subsequent evaluations.

Unique Project Features

The existing stack required a thorough investigation to determine its capacity to support the stack extension.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus staff performed an on-site investigation to assess the structure, obtain and test material samples, review of available information, and made recommendations for repair.  A report was issued to the client.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Perform site inspections to assess conditions
  • Performed material sampling for strength testing
  • Provide recommendations for repair
  • Designed recommended repairs and additional structural support frame