Bath VAMC Install Patient Wi-Fi in Building 78

Bath, NY

Project Objective

The scope of this project is to provide new wireless internet access for Veterans and their guests in Building 78. The project involved the design of a Wi-Fi system for patient and visitor access. The system will provide for managed, filtered access to the internet for patients and their visitors. The system is designed to utilize the most current wireless technology available at the time of the design (802.11AC).

Unique Project Features

The project must not disrupt the current wireless network, which is used for healthcare functions. The system is designed to be completely air-gaped from the existing VA networks to prevent any issues on the network from impacting the hospital’s day to day operations.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus Group designed a Wi-Fi system to provide complete coverage to all patient and visitor spaces in building 78 while preventing disruption to the existing staff wireless network that is utilized for healthcare purposes. Encorus will also arrange with a service provider to provide internet service separate from the existing internet services.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Design of Wi-Fi system
  • Arrangement of internet service provider