Buffalo Outer Harbor Access And Activation Civic Improvement Project MEP Systems Evaluation

Buffalo, NY

Project Objective

This project included survey and evaluation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems in a number of unoccupied buildings recently acquired by Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC). A report with recommendations for repairs and improvements, including associated costs, was compiled based upon observations.

Unique Project Features

Buildings inspected varied in size from 4,400 to 550,000 sq ft in area and dated as far back as 1930, with multiple renovations and reconfigurations since that time. Various options were proposed by the owner and had to be considered independently for viability and cost.

Encorus Group Solution

Engineering staff performed multiple field investigations of the facilities to ensure that a comprehensive report could be compiled. Each of the owners’ proposed paths forward was reviewed and compared to requirements of IBC and NFPA.  Such review determined that the current storage occupancy of the largest building was in violation of code and that immediate action must be taken to rectify the situation.

All recommendations and observations were included in a report to the owner, with emphasis placed upon immediate concerns and code violations. This report allowed the owner to determine the most desirable and cost effective path forward for their stewardship of the facilities.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Engineering analysis to determine mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection requirements
  • Preparation of engineering opinion report outlining findings and providing cost estimates for all recommended improvements
  • Code compliance review