Buffalo VAMC Buildings 11 & 18 Switchgear Replacement

Buffalo, NY

Project Objective

This project encompassed design services to replace the existing transformers and switchgear located in Buildings B11 and B18 at the Buffalo VAMC. This system distributes power to all wings of the Main Hospital, Building 1.

Unique Project Features

In order for the facility to remain operational throughout the project, a phasing plan was designed in order to complete the project without disrupting medical services.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus designed the demolition and replacement of selected utilities and equipment including, 4160/480V and 4160/208V distribution transformers, 480V and 208V switchgear, panelboards and other equipment, all following applicable VA Guidelines and specifications.

The project included design of additional floor and roof area to the existing Building B11 structure to meet code driven equipment space requirements.

The project included demolition of B18 and replacement of B9. The basement of B9 included a tunnel that connected B9 and B20 for access and maintenance of electrical conduits.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Design of underground electrical duct banks
  • Analysis of existing structure and design of additional floor area and roof structure for B11
  • Architectural design for B11 modifications with brick finish
  • Design of HVAC system for B11, B9, and the tunnel from B9 to B20
  • Design of utility rerouting around new construction at B11 and B9
  • Design of roadway pavement, sidewalks, access pavement as it relates to B11 and B9 tunnel work
  • Drainage and grading plans for B11 and B9 work
  • Single line diagrams, riser diagrams, breaker coordination, and switchgear designs
  • Fire protection design in B11 and B1