Canandaigua VA Medical Center B10 & B37 Fire Sprinkler Evaluation and Design

Canandaigua, NY

Project Objective

This project included the engineering evaluation and design of the fire protection systems in two separate areas of two buildings on the Canandaigua VA Medical Center Campus.

Unique Project Features

One area requiring the addition of fire protection included an unheated portion of the building.

Encorus Group Solution

The first area required an engineering analysis to be completed to determine the fire protection requirements related to an existing stairwell in Building 37. Per applicable NFPA codes and standards it was determined that the stairwell is required to be protected by a sprinkler system. Design details were provided to satisfy this requirement via an extension of the existing building fire sprinkler system.

The second area included the addition of a sprinkler system to an unheated portion of the Building 10 Laundry Facility. As the area is not heated, and prone to sub-freezing temperatures, in winter months, a dry-pipe sprinkler system was utilized. The design included tapping the existing fire main and installing a dry valve riser. The dry-pipe system extended vertically into the area to provide adequate coverage, and included approximately six new quick-response style heads mounted near the ceiling.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Engineering analysis to determine fire protection requirements
  • Design of fire sprinkler system
  • Preparation of engineering calculations, construction drawings, specifications, and cost estimates