CHBWV Five-Ton Remotely-Operated Battery-Powered Hook Rotator

West Valley, NY

Project Objective

CHBWV personnel needed the ability to remotely position heavy loads within contaminated areas of the facility. Suitable off-the-shelf products did not exist, and other custom solutions were prohibitively expensive and required 12 months or more to be procured.

Unique Project Features

The hazardous nature of the site means that its utilities and infrastructure are critical not only to site staff but also to the community at large. Tasks at the site are subject to stringent NQA-1 Quality Assurance standards.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus designed a custom remotely-operated, battery powered hook rotator device to be used in conjunction with existing gantry cranes in the facility. The device was designed and built with a 5-ton capacity and a continuous batter life of approximately 20 minutes, allowing weeks or months of intermittent use with out the need for charging. The solution eliminated the need for tag lines and allowed personnel to precisely position loads from the safety of a remote location. Encorus’s design team worked with a local fabricator to deliver the device for approximately one tenth of the cost and in one quarter of the time required for other products. The hook rotator device was used by the client to move contaminated process equipment during final packaging for removal to a clean storage area.