China King Restaurant Structural and Architectural Repairs

Gowanda, NY

Project Objective

The China King restaurant was struck by a delivery vehicle, resulting in both interior and exterior damage to the building. The objective of this project was to design for its repair and restoration.

Unique Project Features

The extent of the damage required that support walls and ceiling beams were shored before the vehicle could be removed from the building. The building was constructed nearly a century ago as an auto dealership, and used bricks which were salvaged from the street when they were removed and replaced with concrete and pavement.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus Group’s staff assessed the damage and subsequently determined the best path forward to making the building safe and allowing them to open as soon as possible.  Design for reconstruction of the exterior masonry walls and the roof included the preparation of design drawings to guide repair.  The final design included brick pilasters with metal-framed walls between them, as the exterior walls need to be non-combustible.  The structural work included new steel beams to support the existing roof rafters and masonry pilasters.  The roof, which had been shored after the accident to prevent further damage, will now be supported by the new pilasters and a steel beam.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Site visits to gather information and assess conditions
  • Design of repairs to blend with the existing building aesthetics
  • Review of all applicable codes