Cytec Fire Water Supply Assessment

Olean, NY

Project Objective

Cytec Industries is a specialty chemical and materials manufacturer. The water supply arrangement to the company’s Olean, NY site was deficient during peak demand periods. The 6″ supply branch line from the 8″ street main was undersized and created a pressure loss zone. The city water is sufficient to meet the sprinkler demand only when a nearby power generating plant is not operating. This causes a pressure loss below the sprinkler demand.

Unique Project Features

While the city water supply is sufficient to meet sprinkler demand, the branch line feeding the site was found to be undersized for the sprinkler risers and the hydraulic sprinkler demand.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus staff performed a walk-down of the site and reviewed inspection and test data related to the sprinkler system. This information, combined by interviews with the city of Olean Water Superintendent, gave Encorus sufficient means to assess the water supply and demand situation, perform calculations, and provide the client with several potential solutions. Options included waiting for the city to replace the water line with a larger one, installing a booster pump and / or a water tank, and installing various supplemental fire suppression systems. Costs for these options varied from $36,800 to $391,000.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Perform site inspections to assess conditions
  • Interview site and municipal personnel
  • Perform calculations
  • Develop recommendations which would allow the plant to meet water demand at all times
  • Provide cost estimates for each option presented