Former Ken-Ton Credit Union Underground Storage Tank Investigation

Tonawanda, NY

Project Objective

Municipal records indicated that nine underground storage tanks (USTs) had been installed in the subject property and that eleven USTs had been removed, either directly or as part of site demolition work. Due to changing building configurations, USTs have conceivably been located on most portions of the site.  Past SPILL files are listed as “inactive” or “closed (HRECs).” Based on the review of these previous studies and the same municipal records, all tanks have been removed from the subject property; however, groundwater impact, although reported as low level, was detected in the historic on-site groundwater wells as recently as 1994.  These same wells did not report any impact in 1989, when the USTs were removed.

Unique Project Features

The subject property was historically used as a gasoline station building from at least 1928 (from Sanborn maps) to 1989.  At least three building configurations with additions, demolitions, and reconstruction have occurred during that time.

Encorus Group Solution

To assess the presence or absence of constituent impact on the subject property, Encorus mobilized subsurface drilling equipment to the subject site.  Twelve soil probes were advanced on-site.  The depths of the soil probes extended 5 to 8 feet below ground surface (BGS) and natural (in-situ) soils were encountered in all soil probes.  Based solely on the results of the field investigation, one soil sample was collected from the soil probe which exhibited the highest PID readings.  This sample was placed into laboratory-provided containers.  Chain-of-custody protocols were maintained throughout the sample preparation and the sample was subsequently transported to a third-party laboratory.  Based on the results of the field investigation (i.e., elevated PID readings and some gasoline-type odors), Encorus notified the NYSDEC of a potential spill incident as required by Article 12 of NYS Navigation Law and the Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulations (6 NYCRR Part 613.8).  Subsequently, a SPILL File number was assigned to the subject property by the NYSDEC.  As such, further investigation and/or remediation will be required by the property owner to close this SPILL file.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Subsurface drilling
  • Notification of potential spill incident