Replace Fan Coil Units, Building 18, Castle Point VA Medical Center

Wappingers Falls, NY

Project Objective

The primary goal of this project was to upgrade the hydronic heating and conditioning system within Building 18.  The existing components were well beyond their useful life, inefficient by modern standards, and did not possess the level of control expected within a modern system.

Encorus Group Solution

The project began with field surveys identifying deficiencies and evaluating existing conditions.  A life cycle cost analysis was performed to compare 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil units.  The existing 2-pipe fan coil units were replaced with modern 4-pipe units; the existing dual-temperature piping distribution system was replaced with chilled and hot water delivery systems; pneumatic fan coil controls were replaced with a BACnet-compatible Direct Digital Controls (DDC) system; and associated heat exchanger and pump systems were updated to support the modernized system.  Locations for additional ceiling-mounted fan coil units were identified both to provide heating and cooling and to minimize impact to floor space in those areas.  The existing electrical distribution system was reused as much as possible in order to reduce cost and construction impact.  A construction phasing schedule was developed in order to minimize facility downtime.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Field survey and evaluation of existing conditions
  • Specification of fan coil units and design of chilled and hot water delivery systems
  • Design of BACnet-compatible Direct Digital Controls system
  • Design of construction phasing plan