Republic Steel Reheat Furnace Wall Reinforcement

Lackawanna, NY

Project Objective

The client has been monitoring and documenting lateral movement in the wall of a reheat furnace in their plant. The client required a structural solution to stop the lateral movement of the wall.

Unique Project Features

The reheat furnace wall has been moving laterally. The project required keeping access to an existing alley way open. The project also required clearance for an existing damper above.

Encorus Group Solution

Republic Steel is North America’s leading supplier of special bar-quality (SBQ) steel bars. SBQ is a highly engineered product used in axels, drive trains, suspensions, and other critical components of automobiles, off-highway vehicles, and industrial equipment. Encorus staff provided a structural steel framing connected to a braced tower to help minimize the movement in the wall. The design was prepared on drawings and delivered to the client.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Site visits to gather information and field measurements
  • Examination of existing drawings
  • Preparation for design of structural steel framing
  • Provided a construction cost estimate
  • Delivered design drawings