Steam and Hot Water Distribution System Energy Improvements Project, Buffalo and Batavia VA Medical Centers

Buffalo and Batavia, NY

Project Objective

The client requested steam trap and insulation surveys at both the Buffalo and Batavia VA Medical Centers. This included location, identification, tagging, and testing of all steam traps.

Unique Project Features

The client had existing web-based steam trap management software and monitoring systems which required integration.

Encorus Group Solution

All new or missing steam traps were sequentially numbered with stamped, stainless steel tags and defective traps were flagged. All survey data was then entered into the VA’s existing web-based steam trap management software.  In addition, survey data was provided to the VA in Excel format.  At the culmination of the project, Encorus worked with the VA and the existing Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring systems to develop a diagnostic monitoring and functional testing plan for the systems, demonstrate that monitoring systems were in good working order, and to provide recommendations on expanding the existing monitoring systems based on changes to the existing steam distribution system.

The focus of the insulation surveys was to identify those areas of the steam, condensate and hot water systems that were not insulated or inadequately insulated as per the current VAMC insulation specifications. The surveys identified areas of insulation to be replaced or where removable insulation blankets should be installed.  The subsequent heat loss calculations were performed to determine the annual cost savings that could be realized by replacing / upgrading the insulation.

The project also included development of contract drawings, specifications, and detailed cost estimates for the replacement of antiquated, incorrectly sized, or misapplied steam traps; identification and quantification of hazardous materials; location, identification, and inventory of hot water pipe insulation deficiencies; and preparation of cost estimates.

Specific Project Tasks

  • On-Site Survey of Steam, Condensate and Hot Water Insulation throughout the facilities
  • On-site inspections to locate, identify, tag, and test steam traps
  • Entry of survey data into VA’s existing web-based steam trap management software
  • Integration with existing monitoring systems
  • Preparation of drawings, specifications, and cost estimates
  • Identification and quantification of hazardous materials