Oil and Gas Industry

HF Sinclair

Petrolia, Pennsylvania

API 653 – Out of Service Inspections

Project Objective

The goal of this project was to provide a complete API 653 out of service inspection of the tank and develop a code compliant plan to repair the tank and provide adequate service life until the next inspection cycle.

Unique Project Features

Tank 115 is a 126,000-gallon petroleum product storage tank with a diameter of 30 feet and a height of 24 feet. It was constructed as per the American Petroleum Institute standard 650. The tank was removed from service due to suspected issues with floor.

Encorus Group Solution

The initial inspection of the tank revealed that the floor plates were heavily corrode and pitted. The perform a proper inspection the customer agreed that additional surface preparation was required. The tank floor and shell were sandblasted to allow for a thorough inspection. Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) scanning was performed to determine the underside condition of the floor plates. Ultrasonic thickness testing and pit depth measurements were taken throughout the floorplates. A detailed repair plan was developed to address both the topside and underside corrosion issues occurring. Areas that were projected to fall below the code minimum required thickness before the next inspection cycle were flagged for repair. Repair drawings were developed that were sent to a tank repair contractor. The tank was repaired, tested and returned to service without issue.