Department of Veterans Affairs

James J. Peters VAMC

Bronx, New York

Update Arc Flash and Electrical Coordination Study

Project Objective

This project included a three-month evaluation of the electrical system at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center, followed by detailed software analysis. The evaluation covered all twelve buildings on the campus. The objective of the project was to review installed equipment for code compliance, system integrity, and overall health of the installed system.

Unique Project Features

Design followed VA specifications, NFPA 99, 101, and 70E, and VA design manuals.

Encorus Group Solution

After extensive on-site investigation, which included photographic documentation, updating drawings, and documenting changes to the site, Encorus removed and replaced labels on over 800 pieces of equipment as per the most current NEC label requirements, recreated the single line diagrams for the entire hospital. Using SKM software, Encorus made detailed analyses of the campus’s electrical load flows, short-circuit fault levels, protection studies and circuit breaker coordination, and incident energy levels.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Arc flash analysis
  • Application of arc flash labels
  • Analysis using SKM software
  • System power analysis
  • NEC code review