Department of Veterans Affairs

James E. Van Zant VAMC

Altoona, Pennsylvania

Fire Pump Replacement

Project Objective

The primary goal of this project was to replace the existing fire pumps at the James E. Van Zandt Medical Center in Altoona, PA. The existing fire pumps and piping did not meet required NFPA standards, and the fire pump room required updates to meet the code.

Unique Project Features

A temporary fire pump unit was required to provide a backup system during construction, as well as phased design.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus Group designed a replacement fire pump system for the site. This design included evaluation of flow requirements for the hospital as well as NFPA requirements analysis to determine the appropriate size and pump configuration. Based on evaluation and client requests, the final design included a new 125 HP electric pump with secondary power supply as well as an additional 125 HP diesel pump. Also included were integrated pump controls and mechanical tie-in to existing reservoir and site supply piping.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • 3D modeling using Revit
  • Plan for temporary fire pump unit during construction
  • Design for replacement of fire pumps
  • Equipment selection based on applicable codes and requirements
  • Architectural design incorporating two-hour-fire-rated construction and sufficient space for all components of the new fire pump system
  • Design for replacement of suction line, with maintenance and accessibility in mind
  • Electrical design, including replacement of equipment not meeting current code requirements
  • Plumbing, fire protection, and mechanical design