Private Chemical Plant Client

Rochester, New York

Process Capacity Increase

Project Objective

Install a new chemical production line to replace the existing line. The new production line was intended to double the existing production capacity and introduce new process safety features.

Unique Project Features

The detailed engineering needed to arrange the equipment such that it could be located in an existing building with limited space. A majority of the structural steel and piping in the area to be utilized required demolition, abatement, or rework. The new process area was determined to have a hazard rating which required a new fire rated wall to be designed. The existing utilities, piping, valves, and heat exchangers were reevaluated and upgraded to meet all the new process requirements. The final design requirement was to generate piping isometric drawings for use in bidding and fabrication.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus utilized a Matterport 3D system to accurately capture the work area and identify all the components that impacted the process expansion. Revit software was used to create a 3D model that all of the engineering disciplines could use in their design work to reduce conflicts with layout.

The in-house experience and capabilities of Encorus helped to keep the detailed design and project schedule on track. Encorus engineers completed the field assessment of the system that was used to complete the electrical coordination study and arc flash analysis. Process engineers worked to confirm that a glycol chiller could be reconditioned and repurposed to provide the required cooling of the process. Structural engineers completed an assessment of the steel to identify areas of repair. The Mechanical Integrity engineers inspected and requalified vessels that were retrofitted for use, while the Civil Materials team sampled the concrete floors for analysis that determined load capacity for the design.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Create P&IDs of new system
  • Create Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Piping, and Mechanical construction package
  • Create Isometric Piping Drawings for bids and fabrication
  • Evaluation of existing utilities – power, cooling, water, nitrogen, and compressed air
  • Safety Valve and Heat Exchanger Sizing Calculations
  • Arc Flash and Grounding Study
  • PHA Review
  • Area Hazard Classification Review