Private Client

Batavia, New York

Tank Farm Design

Project Objective

The goal of this project was to design a new building to house 12 new vertical tanks to replace the existing 5 horizontal tanks that have no building. The new building needed a truck loading/unloading area that was completely covered. This project was intended to create all the design documents required to produce a +/-30% accurate construction estimate for budgeting.

Unique Project Features

The new building and 12 tanks were to be located in the same location as the 5 existing tanks. The design phasing plan required the use of temporary tanks placed in strategic locations so that operation was not impacted during the construction phase. The client wanted to minimize the number of pumps, which was accomplished by using the same pump for offloading a truck and supplying the process from the tank. All tanks needed the ability to be removed for repair without disruption in service from the other tanks.

Encorus Group Solution

Encorus’s phasing and design coordinated the new building roof design and piping layout such that tanks could be installed or pulled out by removing minimal pieces of roofing and pipe spools. This also allowed production to ramp up as more tanks were installed. The new design optimized the unloading station pumps and piping system tie-in to the plant’s blending process. The new building design required soil removal plans for the installation of a new concrete foundation with containment.

Specific Project Tasks

  • Create P&IDs of new system
  • Perform an environmental review of the existing soils and clay pad
  • Perform GPR survey to locate underground lines
  • Complete initial civil engineering review for permitting, roads, and sewer
  • Create a preliminary engineering calculation and drawing package including civil, structural, mechanical, process, electrical, and controls
  • Provide a +/-30% cost estimate utilizing contractor pricing, Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) quotes, analogous data, and cost estimation software
  • Provide a FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Report for ownership