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Buffalo Outer Harbor Access and Activation Civic Improvement Project Park Design

By July 6, 2022No Comments1 min read

As part of the project team tasked with designing a park area at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, Encorus was able to help improve the area’s infrastructure.  Formerly an industrial area with legacy utilities and contaminated soil, the Lakeside Bike Park now boasts three mountain bike tracks, a pump track, skills loop, and a tot track for the youngest riders.  Habitats for wildlife, a food truck plaza, and an events law overlook Lake Erie here.

Encorus Group worked in tandem with other designers to ensure that all the project’s aspects came together into a harmonious design.  By developing a modular electric design, the site owner can phase in the addition of services as budget and public programming dictate. The plumbing design utilized legacy utilities at the site, maximizing the effectiveness of the owner’s budget and allowing for the inclusion of all desired services.

Learn more about Lakeside Bike Park, which now features a café and mountain bike rentals to help you get the most out of your waterfront experience by clicking here.