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Case Study: N95 Mask Machine Modification

By June 21, 2023No Comments1 min read

Case Summary:
A doctor’s office purchased a Chinese-manufactured machine to make N95 masks with bands to go around the head.  The unit was designed so that the operator could switch the configuration to around-the-ear bands, but this feature was not working.

Purpose of Investigation:
Verification of mechanical setup and positioning of sensors, servos, connections, etc. failed to solve the issue.

Analysis and Conclusions:
The system was controlled by a Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  A PLC is, essentially, a computer utilized for industrial automation of a specific process, machine function, production line, or similar situation.  Encorus Group was able to acquire the programming software and get online with the processor, but, like many Chinese-manufactured systems, the program was written in Mandarin and was locked from editing.  Working with the local Mitsubishi PLC representative as well as a Mandarin translator, the major sections of the program were able to be translated.

When purchasing equipment and software, be sure that local support is available in the event of a malfunction or problem.