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Engineering Design

Computer-aided Engineering and Its Advantages

By June 26, 2019No Comments3 min read

Professionals in a wide range of industries turn to computer-aided engineering to assist with product design, development, and testing. Its ability to help resolve a number of engineering problems—including the simulation, optimization, and validation of products, tools, and processes—makes it an invaluable asset to businesses. Here are some of the advantages of computer-aided engineering.

Faster, Less Costly Product Development

Before computer-aided engineering, the development stages of a new product required many rounds of materials testing on physical prototypes, a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Now, thanks to advanced software, engineers can perform simulations, tests, and evaluations on new products in hours rather than days or weeks. It’s still necessary to test a physical prototype before proceeding with the serial production of a new product, but computer-aided engineering ensures that the first physical prototype of a design cycle has already been improved and optimized several times.

Simpler, More Accessible Capabilities

Engineering simulation used to be a much more complicated and difficult undertaking, especially for less experienced engineers who faced a steep learning curve. Thankfully, today’s computer-aided engineering tools help eliminate many of the barriers to mastery. This allows even inexperienced users without expert knowledge of physical testing to reach insightful, effective simulation results.

Many Fields of Application

The benefits of computer-aided engineering are wide-ranging and are applicable in a number of industries. Businesses producing automotive, aerospace, electronics, oil and gas, HVAC, and plant engineering products and services are just some of the possible beneficiaries of computer-aided engineering’s advantages. Thanks to advanced testing software, anything from cranes and bridges to racecars and power plants can make it through pre-production faster and with less expense.

Early Problem-solving

Sometimes, flaws in a product’s early designs aren’t realized until far along the development process. When computer-aided engineering solutions are applied to a product’s development process, engineers can gain insight into possible problems and design flaws earlier than ever before. Design changes can be implemented as problems arise rather than later down the line when changes would be more expensive and time-consuming.

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