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What Is A Constructability Review?

By August 30, 2023No Comments2 min read

Constructability reviews are used to ensure that an engineered design can be successfully installed and brought up to operational performance expectations on time, on budget, and safely. They are utilized at many levels, from the federal government all the way to smaller private projects.

The Process Of A Constructability Review

This process evaluates the design to identify any elements that may be an issue during construction. The review considers the design for ease of installation, access, schedule, safety, and quality, and includes careful consideration of permits, manpower and equipment planning, site planning to identify staging and laydown areas, work trailers, parking, traffic flow, and emergency planning. Executing a constructability review helps to ensure that all required elements are integrated into the design, identify any conflicts among drawings (such as between drawings and specifications), and to avoid rework of the design during the construction period.

Constructability review can range from informal to formal, and the specifics will vary based on the client’s needs and the procedures they have in place. Some agencies have a specific procedure in place; others may need to rely on the reviewer to guide the process. Constructability reviews are useful in the execution of all project delivery methods, such as design-build, design-bid-build, construction manager at risk, or integrated project delivery, and can help to save both time and money by identifying and correcting issues earlier in the design and construction process.

Constructability Reviews With Encorus Group

With a wide range of design disciplines under one roof, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, process, and instrumentation and controls, Encorus Group can assist in constructability reviews, provide risk management, cost control, and more. For more information, contact Project Management Office Lead Steve Rakvica at 716.592.3980, ext. 153, or by email at