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Fire Protection Engineering Services

By February 23, 2022No Comments2 min read

Fire protection engineering is a design necessity – it is relevant to almost any building design, since it helps to prevent fire and keep buildings safe in the event that a fire does occur. All building codes provide the basic requirements for fire protection, but not all building codes address every possible situation. Encorus Group recognizes that there is more than the basic approach to a design project. Our team uses risk analysis and other tools to help clients find economic and effective solutions.

From fire and smoke detection systems to master fire alarm control stations, we are dedicated to keeping your employees, clients, and facilities safe. In addition to fire detection and suppression system design, Encorus can assist you with fire hazard analysis, life safety code evaluations, emergency planning and hazards assessments, and code interpretation and evaluation. In the event that you have experienced a fire in your facility, we are able to assist you to determine the origin and cause of the fire, help determine reparability, extent of repairs, and safety upgrades necessary to prevent another incident.

With decades of fire protection and life safety design experience, Encorus can bring you better solutions to ensure the safety of your facility and staff. We have designed fire protection systems ranging in size from a single room to a 30-building campus. We have specialized fire protection experience in the nuclear, medical, and industrial arenas. One of the key factors that separate our designs from others is that we design for the serviceability of the system. We look beyond the minimal design requirements to envision how the system will serve the client, how it can be expandable for future needs, and how it can be maintained and tested economically without being a burden to the client.