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Fun Fact Friday: Fire Protection Engineering

By March 22, 2019No Comments3 min read

One of the in-house design services offered by Encorus Group is fire protection engineering. This discipline is relevant to almost any building design since it helps to prevent fire and keep buildings safe in the event that a fire does occur. Fire Protection / Life Safety Specialist John Allan was able to share his knowledge and thoughts on the discipline.

Fire protection engineering, as defined by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environment from destructive fire. It includes analysis of fire hazards, mitigation of fire damage through proper design, construction, arrangement, and use of buildings, materials, structures, industrial processes, and transportation systems. Fire protection engineering also includes the design, installation, and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems and communication systems, as well as post-fire investigation and analysis.

Fire protection engineering is becoming a design necessity by integrating the design process with other disciplines. All building codes provide the prescriptive requirements for fire protection, but not all building codes address every conceivable application. Encorus Group recognizes that there is more than the prescriptive approach to a design abnormality. Our experts use risk analysis and other tools to help clients find economic, effective solutions.

Encorus Group provides a wide range of design services for any occupancy and application a client may need. Our experience includes a wide range of fire alarm, fire suppression, and passive fire protection applications. One of the key factors that separate our designs from others is that we design for the serviceability of the system. We look beyond the minimal design requirements to envision how the system will serve the client, how is it expandable for future needs, and how can it be maintained and tested economically without being a burden to the owner.

Our fire protection design team is our whole company. Although we have dedicated fire protection and life safety staff, we pride ourselves on working closely with all disciplines to ensure the design is complete. Fire protection design is integrated into the “whole building” concept to ensure compliance with codes and standards. Fire protection must often interface with HVAC systems and electronic security systems. We do this upfront to ensure full code compliance for the facility and to save the owner the cost and hassle of retrofitting missed requirements.

Encorus’s accomplishments and experience includes:
• Private Service Fire Water Distribution Systems
• Fire Pump House Design and Installation
• Large Water Tank Design for Fire Protection
• Fire Sprinkler Design (all types)
• Special Hazard Suppression and Detection Systems
• Fire Alarm Design (new and retrofit)
• Fire Alarm and Voice Mass Notification Systems
• Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Design
• Fire Hazard Analysis and Assessments (Risk Analysis)
• Forensic Fire Investigation
• Code Compliance Reviews
• Fire Safety Program Development
• NQA-1 Compliant Design

Encorus Group has an experienced fire protection engineering team of fire protection, mechanical, and electrical professionals ready to find better solutions to your toughest problems. If you require fire protection engineering services, please contact Encorus’s Director of Engineering Design, Tom Gilmartin, at 716-592-3980, ext. 124 or