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Ford Gum Big League Chew Shredder Design

By March 16, 2022No Comments2 min read

Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of chewing gum, gumballs, gumball machine banks, assorted confections and health-related products. Their manufacturing facility is right here in Akron, NY and serves distributors, retailers, and customers worldwide. The company is the only largescale manufacturer of gumballs in the United States.

The company has called Western New York its home for more than 100 years and has since made some big name items. In 2010, the company took over the operations of Big League Chew, a popular brand of bubble gum, from its previous owner, the Wrigley Company (longtime owners of the Chicago Cubs).

In 2013, Encorus was tasked with designing a new shredder to be used in the production of Big League Chew. Encorus staff developed conceptual designs and assisted in the client in choosing one. Drawings and specifications were prepared for the shredder, including shredder assembly, roll, side plates, and scraper bars.

Encorus mechanical engineers are proud to have worked on this design and creating unique and efficient solutions to the client’s needs. We recognize that our role as engineers is to help our clients achieve their goals, and we approach every project as an opportunity to provide better solutions to the toughest problems.

Ford Gum was recently featured on WIVB: