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Fun Fact Friday: Radiographic Testing

By January 25, 2019No Comments2 min read

Did you hear the news?  Encorus Group now offers radiographic testing, sometimes called industrial radiography.  This week’s Fun Fact Friday talks about what radiographic testing is and what advantages it offers over other testing methods.


Radiographic testing (RT) is a method of non-destructive examination which uses either x-rays or gamma rays to see inside the component or specimen, creating a hard copy image of the item. RT is used to inspect welds, machined parts, pipes, vessels and tanks, concrete, plate metal, and ceramics. Much like a medical x-ray or x-ray security screening at the airport, RT can reveal irregularities or defects within the object being examined without damaging it. A trained radiographer can locate a defect as well as identify its type, size and location based on subtle variations in the film density. RT has a well-established track record as an effective non-destructive inspection method. Encorus is excited to announce that we now offer mobile radiographic testing services. We will bring our mobile darkroom and trained technicians to your location! RT has a number of benefits: it provides a permanent record of an inspection (the x-ray image), it can be used to inspect assembled components without the need to disassemble, it can be used on a variety of materials, the data collected can be reproduced and analyzed at a later time, and it will detect both surface and subsurface defects. Our mobile lab means less travel time for you, and more up time for your equipment and your business. Call Jim Handzlik at 716.592.3980, ext. 148 or email to learn more about using radiographic testing to find better solutions to your toughest problems.