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Mechanical Engineering Services

By January 12, 2022No Comments2 min read

Mechanical engineering applies concepts from physics, engineering, and materials science for the design, production, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It combines creativity, knowledge and analytical tools to complete the difficult task of shaping an idea into reality. The field of mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life. You might not think that mechanical engineering is applicable to something as ordinary as a building renovation, but mechanical systems are used everywhere. Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, elevators and escalators all use mechanical systems.

Encorus Group’s team of mechanical engineers has designed a range of systems and equipment, including HVAC and plumbing for different types of buildings, pressure vessels, remote handling devices and provided specialized services like failure analysis and forensic engineering.  Encorus provides services to the nuclear industry as well, and has designed modifications for the refurbishment of a radioactive waste sorting and packing system, analyzed the integrity of nuclear waste storage canisters, and designed a five-ton remotely operated battery-powered hook rotator.

We have experience in many notable projects around the region. Encorus has been involved in the evaluation of buildings at the Buffalo Outer Harbor, the redesign of a drive system for Global Tungsten & Powders Corp., the design of heat exchangers for Praxair-Linde, and a chilled waterline extension at SUNY Fredonia’s Mason Hall. Our team is ready to help you find better solutions to your toughest problems.  You can contact our Mechanical Design Lead, Evan Krug, at 716.592.3980 ext. 145 or at