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Project Highlight – Roudebush VAMC Parking Garage Structural Repairs

By January 11, 2023No Comments3 min read

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides care for our nation’s Veterans, making it an integral part of the United States healthcare system. The Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, located in Indianapolis, IN, is the flagship of the Indiana VA system. In addition to its role as a teaching hospital, the facility offers primary and specialty health services, mental health care, palliative health care, prescriptions, and more.

The parking garage, located adjacent to the main hospital, was constructed in 1991 and had started showing signs of deterioration. The client, recognizing that this could become a safety hazard if left unchecked, hired Encorus Group to evaluate the structure’s condition and extent of deterioration, and devise solutions for repair and avoidance of these issues in the future.

Structural engineers from Encorus Group travelled to the site to perform a thorough evaluation, including documenting existing conditions through photographs, videos, and written notes, and to determine likely causes of the deterioration. They also utilized sound testing, a non-destructive test which involves striking the concrete surface with a hammer or steel rod and interpreting the sound produced.  As the parking garage remained in use during the investigative phase, extreme caution and the use of PPE such as high-visibility clothing was used during the inspection phase of the project.  A detailed report was provided to the client summarizing the findings and offering a prioritized list of recommended repairs.

During their on-site evaluation and field verification, Encorus inspectors found that the two main sources of the concrete deterioration were failed expansion joints (which allow for safe movement due to the expansion and contraction of building materials) and clogged catch basins (which help prevent flooding or ponding).

Encorus then went on to provide designs for the recommended repairs, including repair of cracks in concrete columns and deck slabs and the replacement of expansion joints, which meet applicable codes as well as VA standards and guidelines. Once completed, the repairs will ensure the continued safe operation of the parking garage and contribute to the Department of Veterans Affairs mission of caring for our nation’s Veterans.  The repair design was phased to ensure that traffic flow and capacity were not critically impacted, as the parking garage was to remain operational throughout construction.

Encorus Group’s previous experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs and our Team’s knowledge of structural engineering solutions gave the client the confidence to contract us for this project.  We are proud to assist the Department of Veterans Affairs in serving our nation’s Veterans!