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Evaluating a roof and designing its replacement are complicated processes, as each project presents different challenges. Both architectural and structural engineering considerations are necessary in the design. Encorus Senior Architect George Reinhardt and Structural Lead Daniel Sarata gave us some insight about what goes into a successful roof replacement and restoration.

The roof replacement and restoration process begin with an initial review and assessment of existing conditions. A detailed scope of work is then established, which includes construction documents and a maintenance program and is properly warranted. Current building codes and regulations also need to be considered as roof conditions and energy efficiency ratings need to be measured in any reconstruction project. Climate, environment, and geographic conditions have a major impact on the roof design process, including topography, wind velocity, rainfall amount, and sun exposure. 

Roofs are designed to keep the structure weathertight, which protects the building, its contents, and occupants. This leads to design considerations such as the overall life of the roof system, drainage, flashing, energy efficiency, and code compliance factors. Other considerations include plumbing and mechanical openings, skylights, roof hatches, roof guardrails, masonry parapet repairs, and membrane and metal flashing. All roof penetrations, seams, and flashing details must be detailed in order to provide a satisfactory roof design. Loading on the structure needs to be evaluated in addition to the other design considerations.

Documents are prepared to include all conditions and requirements which may have an impact on the specific project, such as deck replacement, additional drainage capabilities, temporary protection, and evaluation and repair recommendations for the adjacent surfaces intersecting with the roof to ensure weather tightness. It is the architect’s job to design a roof with the proper materials, performance capabilities, and details required to meet or exceed the desired requirements.

Encorus Group has the staff and capabilities to fulfil a roof replacement and restoration. You can contact our Structural Lead, Daniel Sarata, PE at 716.592.3980 ext. 138 or our Senior Architect, George Reinhardt, Jr., RA at 716.592.3980 ext. 130 for information regarding commercial or industrial roof design.