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SUNY Stony Brook Electrical Switchgear Design

By September 7, 2022No Comments2 min read

Stony Brook University, a SUNY college with a student enrollment of over 26,000 located on Long Island, had a system in place to ensure that the cogeneration facility providing both electrical power and steam to the campus can operate even in the event of a major electrical outage.  Two of the transformers and the main switchgear in this system were more than forty years old and due for replacement.  The University selected LiRo Engineers as the prime consultant on the project, the primary focus of which was to determine the best option to replace the outdated equipment.  It was also critical for a detailed phasing plan to be developed in order to provide uninterrupted and reliable power to the campus during replacement.

As a subconsultant to LiRo, Encorus Group assisted with audits of various system components, including electromechanical and microprocessor-based relays, busses, feeders, breakers, controls, and switchgear, as well as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.  These audits allowed Encorus to assist in equipment selection and the preparation of a construction estimate.  As a result of observing the existing equipment and conditions, Encorus Group was also able to identify potential issues and make recommendations to correct them.  After working with the client to select their preferred equipment options, Encorus prepared a simplified control schematic.

This major upgrade project allowed Stony Brook University to continue providing reliable power to its 1,040-acre campus.  In addition, modern electrical equipment will save the campus money through increased efficiency and maintenance costs, and replacement parts will be more readily available.  Equipment safety is constantly improving, and codes and standards evolve over time.  Modern equipment ensures compliance with the most recent codes and standards at the time of installation, and helps to keep users safe.

Encorus Group’s staff looks forward to our next opportunity to assist clients in finding better solutions to the toughest problems!